General Entomology

Basic concepts of entomology, such as morphology, taxonomy and systematics, developmental biology, and ecology, provide important background information for medical and veterinary entomologists. General entomology books which the reader will find helpful in this regard include Borror etal. (1989), Gullan and Cranston (1994), Gillot (1995), Elzinga (1997), Chapman (1998), and Romoser and Stoffolano (1998). References that provide a more taxonomic or biodiversity-oriented approach to general entomology include works by Arnett (1993), Richards and Davies (1994), Bosik (1997), and Daly et al. (1998). General insect morphology is detailed in Snodgrass (1993), whereas a useful glossary of general entomology is Torre-Bueno (1962). Texts on urban entomology, the study of insect pests in houses, buildings, and urban areas, which also has relevance to medical-veterinary entomology, have been prepared by Ebeling (1975), Hickin (1985), Mallis (1997), and Robinson (1996). General texts on acarology include works by Krantz (1978), Woolley (1987), Evans (1992) and Walter and Proctor (1999).

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