Visceral leishmaniasis

L. archibaldi, L. donovani,bc

Tropical and

Canines, rats

P. ariasi, P. alexandri, P. argentipes,

(Old World)

L. infantumbc

subtropical Europe, Asia, and Africa


P. caucasicus, P. celiae, P. chinensis, P. kandelakii, P. langeroni, P. longicuspis, P. longiductus, P. martini, P. neglectus, P. orientalis, P. perfiliewi, P. perniciosus, P. smirnovi, P. tobbi, P. transcaucasicus, P. vansomerenae

The reservoirs and sand fly vectors listed include both known and suspected species. "Also can cause visceral infections. 6 Also can cause mucocutaneous infections. c Also can cause cutaneous infections.

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