H. sacharovi?

Olfersia bisulcata


Texas None

O. fumipennis


Widespread None

O. sórdida

Pelicans, cormorants

Widespread None

O. spinifera

Frigate birds

Florida and Louisiana None

Ornithoctona erythrocephala

Hawks, pigeons, others

Widespread None

O. fusciventris

Warblers, flycatchers, others

Widespread None

Ornithoica confluenta

Egrets, ibises, other wading birds

Florida None

O. vicina

Owls, sparrows, others

Widespread None

Ornitbomya anchineuria

Hawks, crows, sparrows, others

Widespread None

O. bequaerti

Small passerine birds

Widespread None

Pseudolynchia brunnea

Whip-poor will, nighthawks

Widespread None

P. canariensis

Domestic pigeons

Widespread H. columbae, H. maccallumi,

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