This interesting, but small, group of scorpions spans three continents. None of them is considered dangerous. There are 6 genera and approximately 21 species. The genera Iu-rus and Calchas, each with 1 species, are closely related, are relatively large, and are found in Turkey and Greece (including Samos, Crete, and other islands). The genera Caraboctonus (1 species) and Hadruroides (9 species) are found in western South America. Caraboctonus is found in Chile and Peru; Hadruroides is distributed throughout Ecuador (including the Galapagos Islands), Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. There are 8 species in the North American genus Hadrurus. Members of this genus are desert-dwelling burrowers found from south-central Mexico to the western United States. They are the largest scorpion species found in North America. Three species occur in the United States in desert areas of Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. A close relative of Hadrurus, Anuroctonus contains a single species distributed from Baja California, Mexico through California, Nevada, and Utah. Anuroctonus phaiodactylus constructs permanent burrows in a variety of habitats throughout its range, but it is associated with canyons, ravines, and hillsides.

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