Oedemekidae False Blister Beetles

C. mdanoccphalus, and C. picticollis, A Lytta species in China also has been associated with human dermatitis (Table II).

Blister beetles are found most often on flowers or foliage, where the beetles feed on pollen and other plant tissues. Epicauta species are usually abundant where grasshoppers flourish because the larvae of these meioids feed on grasshopper eggs. Most people who develop blister beede lesions are agricultural workers or soldiers on maneuvers in areas where the beetles are common. Retention of cantharidin in frogs and birds that prey upon meioids may lead to human poisoning when these predators are used as human food. Nineteenth century medical reports of priapism in French legionnaires traced the cause of this clinical problem to the soldiers' ingestion of frogs that had eaten meioids. Humans have also developed signs of cantharidin poisoning following ingestion of cooked wild geese (Eisner et al. 1990).

False blister beedes in the genera Oxycopis (Fig. 6.4), Oxacis and Alloxans are known to cause vesicular' or bullous dermatitis in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean region. Sessinm kanaks a species that is commonly attracted to lights in the Solomon Islands, and S. linea-ta, a New Zealand species, cause similar irritating lesions. Blistering has been observed in people exposed to large numbers of swarming Eobia apicifusca in Australia. False blister beetles are attracted to flowers, where they feed on pollen. Immediate burning of the skin following contact with Sessinia species swarming around coconut flowers has been reported on the Line Islands, south of Hawaii. As in meioids, cantharidin is the toxic substance in all of these oedemerids.

Rove beedes (Fig. 6.5) in the genus Paederus contain pederin (C25H4SO9N), a toxin more potent than that of

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