Moth fly larvae can be eliminated from drains in buildings and homes by cleaning the drain, mechanically or with a drain cleaner or strong disinfectant, and flushing with hot water. Larvae can be eliminated from filters of sewage treatment plants by flooding for 24 hr. Flooding does not affect the eggs and must be repeated periodically for continuous control. Larvae also can be eliminated from the filters by addition of insecticides to the flow if an appropriate insecticide, formulation, and dose are chosen to avoid harm to the filters and the downstream environment. Destruction of large numbers of larvae in sewage treatment plants may create an odor problem in the neighborhood of the plant due to decomposition. Clostridium bif,er men-tans serovar malaysia has been reported to be highly toxic to larvae of Psychoda alternata.

Adult moth flies can be controlled by application of insecticides to resting sites on structures and surrounding areas. Organochlorine, organophosphate, thiocyanate, pyrethroid, and growth-regulator compounds are effective against moth fly larvae and adults, but few products have been registered for this use due to the relatively small demand.

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