This small family was previously regarded as a subfamily in the Chactidae. They share no characteristics with the Chactidae, but they appear to be related to the Vaejovidae and Iuridae. Superstitioniidae contains four genera and nine species. They are generally small in size. At 9 mm total length, Typhlochactas mitchelli is the smallest species of scorpion in the world. The one exception in the family is Alacran tartarus, which measures up to 70 mm in length. Most of the species tend to be troglobitic in form, lacking eyes and pigmentation. Superstitionia donensis is found in the southwestern United States and is the only species with a full complement of eyes. The other species are all found in Mexico in caves or leaf litter. These scorpions are too small or inaccessible to be dangerous to humans. Alacran is found only in caves at depths of up to 800 m.

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