Table I

Species of Louse Flies (Hippoboscidae) in the United States and Selected Species of Veterinary Importance from Other Regions of the World: Included are Parasites and Disease Agents That They Reportedly Can Transmit



Geographic Distribution

Parasites or disease agents

Subfamily: Hippoboscinae

Hippobosca longipmnis

Subfamily: Lipopteninae

Lipoptena cervi L. depressa

L. mazamae

Domestic dogs, hyenas Deer, elk

White-tailed deer, mule deer White-tailed deer, brocket Domestic sheep

Southern Europe, northern Africa to China

Northeastern United States Western United States

Southeastern United States to South America Worldwide

Dipetalonema draeunculoides (filarial nematode)


(bacterium; symbiote?) None

Rickettsia melophagi (rickettsia; symbiote?), Bluetongue virus?

Neolipoptena ferrisi

Mule deer

Western United States None

Subfamily: Ornithomyinae

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