The family Tabanidae includes approximately 4300 species and subspecies in 133 genera worldwide. Of these, 335 species in 25 genera are found in the Nearctic Region (Burger, 1995), While the temperate fauna is well known, the tropical fauna has been less studied; this is particularly true for the immature stages. Most pest species in North America are members of the genera Chrysops, Hybomitra, and Tabanus.

The family Tabanidae is divided into three subfamilies (Fairchild, 1969; Mackerras, 1954) (Table I). The subfamily Pangoniinae is regarded as ancestral, containing fascinating but poorly known genera such as Stonemyia

Subfamilies, Tribes, and Selected Genera of Tabanidae in North America: The Largest Genera in Terms of Numbers of Species are Chrysops, Tabanus, and Hybomitra


No. species

Subfamily Pangoniinae

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