Synonyms: Euplexoptera, Euplecoptera, Dermoptera, Common name: earwigs

Labiduroida, Forficulida

Generally elongate, dorsoventrally flattened insects; head prognathous with biting mouthparts and multisegmented antennae, compound eyes present (reduced or absent in epizoic forms), ocelli absent; wings generally present, fore wings modified into short smooth veinless tegmina, hind wings semicircular and membranous with veins arranged radially, legs subequal and with three-segmented tarsi; abdomen with unsegmented forcepslike cerci, ovipositor of females reduced or absent.

Dermaptera are found in all but the polar regions of the world, though they are most common in the warmer parts. Of the approximately 1800 described species, only about 25 occur in North America, 45 in Europe (including 7 in Britain), and 60 in Australia. Almost all are free-living, with about 15 species epizoic* on bats or rodents.

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