Synonyms: Embiodea, Embiidina, Embiida Common names: webspinners, embiids, footspinners

Elongate, small, or moderately sized insects that live gregariously in silk tunnels; head with filiform antennae, compound eyes, and mandibulate mouthparts but lacking ocelli; males of almost all species with two pairs of nearly identical wings in which radial vein is thickened, females apterous, tarsi three-segmented and basal segment of fore tarsus greatly enlarged; cerci two-segmented and usually asymmetrical in males.

The Embioptera (Figure 7.4) are mostly confined to the larger land masses in tropical or subtropical areas of the world, though a few have found their way even to oceanic islands. Although fewer than 200 species have been described, including 13 species from North

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