Embryonic Development

may produce viable offspring from unfertilized eggs (parthenogenesis). In another form of 613

asexual reproduction, polyembryony, which is characteristic of some parasitic Hymenoptera and Strepsiptera, several embryos develop from one fertilized egg. In other insects, fertilized eggs may be retained within the female reproductive tract for varied periods of time so that a young insect may hatch from the egg almost as soon as or even before the latter is laid (viviparity). In a few species paedogenesis may occur where mature larvae are able to produce, parthenogenetically and usually viviparously, a further generation of young.

Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping for Beginners

The information in this book is useful to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business. It was written for beginners. Those who have never looked into beekeeping, may not understand the meaning of the terminology used by people in the industry. We have tried to overcome the problem by giving explanations. We want you to be able to use this book as a guide in to beekeeping.

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