Synonyms: Plectoptera, Ephemerida Common names: mayflies, shadflies

Adults small- to medium-sized elongate fragile insects; antennae short and setaceous, mouthparts vestigial, compound eyes large, three ocelli present; generally two pairs of membranous wings (though hind pair greatly reduced) held vertically over body when at rest, with many crossveins; abdomen terminated with two very long cerci and frequently a median caudal filament; with subimaginal and imaginal winged stages.

Larvae aquatic; body campodeiform; antennae short, compound eyes well-developed, biting mouthparts; abdomen usually with long cerci and a median caudal filament, and four to seven pairs of segmental tracheal gills.

Approximately 2100 species of this widely distributed order have been described, though this may represent only about one-third of the extant species. Of the described species, about 675 occur in North America, 84 in Australia, and about 50 in Britain.

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