Synonyms: Notoptera, Grylloblattaria, Grylloblattida Common names: rock crawlers, ice crawlers

Elongate insects; head prognathous, mouthparts mandibulate, compound eyes reduced or absent, ocelli absent, antennae long and filiform; thoracic segments similar and well distinguished, legs virtually identical with large coxae and five-segmented tarsi, wings and auditory organs absent; abdomen with long, segmented cerci, females with well-developed ovipositor, males with articulated coxites on ninth sternum and asymmetrical genitalia.

Walker (1914) described the first living representative of the order. Now totalling 26 species from western North America, eastern Siberia, Japan, Korea, and northeast China, living grylloblattids are the remnants of an abundant and diverse group of insects from the Permian.

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