TABLE 18.1. Nitrogenous Excretory Products of Various Insects'1-'1

Uric acid Allantoin Allantoic acid Urea Ammonia Amino acids


Aeshna cyanea (larva) 0.08 Dictyoptera/Phasmida

Periplaneta americana 1.00

Blatta orientalis 0.64

Dixippus morosus 0.69 Hemiptera

Dysdercus fasciatus 0.00

Rhodnius prolixus 1.00 Coleoptera

Melolontha vulgaris 1.00

Attagenus piceus 0.72 Diptera

Lucilia sericata 1.00

Lucilia sericata (pupa) 1.00

Lucilia sericata (larva) 0.05 Lepidoptera

Pieris brassicae 1.00

Pieris brassicae (pupa) 1.00

Pieris brassicae (larva) 0.28

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