[In zoology, the subspecies is the lowest category considered valid; in botany, variety, form, and subform are recognized (and given latinized names).]

Classification, then, is a means of more efficiently storing (and retrieving) information about organisms. In other words, it is not necessary to describe all of the characteristics of a species each time that species is referred to. For example, as standard practice, a large proportion of entomological research articles include in their titles, after the name of the species being studied, the family, (superfamily), and order to which the species belongs. In this way, a reader can immediately gain some insight into the nature of the insect being studied, even though he or she may not be familiar with the species. Related to this last point, classification is also important in that it enables predictions to be made about incompletely studied organisms. For example, organisms are almost always classified first on the basis of their external structure. However, once an organism has been assigned to a particular taxon using structural criteria, it may then be possible to predict, in general terms, its habits (including life history), internal features, and physiology, on the basis of what is known concerning other, better studied, members of the taxon.

A classification may be either artificial or natural. It is possible, for example, to arrange organisms in groups according to their habitat or their economic importance. Such classifications may even be hierarchical in their arrangement. Artificial classifications are usually designed so that organisms belonging to different taxa within the system can be

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