Synonyms: Termitina, Termitida, Socialia Common names: termites, white ants

Polymorphic social insects living in colonies that comprise reproductives, soldiers, and workers; head with moniliform multisegmented antennae and mandibulate mouthparts, compound eyes present but frequently degenerate, ocelli often absent; wings when present almost identical (except Mastotermes) and membranous, lying horizontally over abdomen at rest, capable of being shed by a predetermined basal fracture, legs identical and with a large coxa, tarsi almost always four-segmented (five-segmented in Mastotermes); cerci short and with few segments, external genitalia lacking in both sexes of most species.

More than 2300 species of termites are known, mainly from tropical to warm temperate areas, though a few species are found in cool temperate climates such as those of southern Europe and southern and western North America as far north as southern Canada. Several species have been transported to new areas by commerce, and some of these have become established in heated buildings (e.g., in Hamburg and Toronto) well outside their normal range of climatic tolerance.

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Oplan Termites

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