Key to the Orders of Insecta

1. Wings developed 2

Wingless, or with vestigial wings, or with rudimentary wings not suitable for flight (wingless adults and immature stages) 31

2. Fore wings horny, leathery, or parchmentlike, at least at base; hind wings membranous (occasionally absent). Prothorax large and not fused with mesothorax (except in Strepsiptera) 3

Fore wings membranous 11

3. Fore wings containing veins, or at least hind wings not folded crossways when hidden under fore wings 4

Fore wings veinless, of uniform horny consistency; hind wings, when present, folded crossways as well as lengthwise when at rest and hidden beneath fore wings; mouthparts mandibulate l0

4. Mouthparts forming a jointed beak, fitted for piercing and sucking.

Bugs HEMIPTERA (Page 210)

Mouthparts with mandibles fitted for chewing and moving laterally 5

5. Hind wings not folded, similar to fore wings; thickened basal part of wings very short, separated from rest of wing by a preformed transverse suture; social species, living in colonies. Termites

ISOPTERA (Page 163)

Hind wings folding, fanlike, broader than fore wings 6

6. Usually rather large or moderately large species; antennae usually lengthened and threadlike; prothorax large and free from mesothorax;

cerci present; fore wings rarely minute, usually long 7

Very small active species; antennae short with few joints, at least one joint bearing a long lateral process; no cerci; fore wings minute; prothorax small. Rare, short-lived insects, parasites of other insects, usually wasps and bees Males of STREPSIPTERA* (Page 326)

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