Synonyms: Panorpatae, Panorpina, Panorpida Common name: scorpionflies

Slender medium-sized insects; head usually prolonged ventrally into a broad rostrum with long filiform antennae, well-developed compound eyes, and biting mouthparts; usually with two pairs of identical membranous wings with primitive venation and carried horizontally at rest; abdomen with short cerci and, in males, prominent genitalia.

Larvae usually eruciform with simple eyes, biting mouthparts, and thoracic legs; abdominal legs present or absent. Pupae decticous and exarate.

This is a small order containing about 500 known species, about 90% of which belong to two families, Panorpidae and Bittacidae. The order is particularly common in the Northern Hemisphere and includes about 75 North American and 4 British species. About 30 species occur in Australia.

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