Phylogeny and Classification

Tuxen (1964) recognized two suborders and three families within the class and order Protura, namely, the Eosentomoidea (family EOSENTOMIDAE) and Acerentomoidea (families ACERENTOMIDAE and PROTENTOMIDAE). However, following the description of Sinentomon erythranum by Yin (1965), which shows morphological features of all three families and may be the most primitive living proturan, some authors (e.g., Nosek, 1973) have placed this species in its own suborder Sinentomoidea (family SINENTOMIDAE). Though most workers consider the Eosentomidae and Sinentomidae as the most primitive proturans, their possession of a tracheal system and certain features of their sperm have led Yin (1984) to propose that they are more specialized than the Acerentomoidea.

Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping for Beginners

The information in this book is useful to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business. It was written for beginners. Those who have never looked into beekeeping, may not understand the meaning of the terminology used by people in the industry. We have tried to overcome the problem by giving explanations. We want you to be able to use this book as a guide in to beekeeping.

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