Synonyms: Raphidiodea, Raphidioidea (in order Neuroptera sensu lato) Common name:


Large insects similar to Megaloptera but distinguished by elongate "neck"; head with chewing mouthparts, bulging compound eyes, and elongate antennae; thorax with two pairs of identical wings; abdomen 10-segmented, cerci absent, females with elongate ovipositor.

Larvae terrestrial with chewing mouthparts. Pupae decticous and exarate.

Recent members of this order, which comprises about 210 described species, are found only in the Northern Hemisphere, mostly between 35° and 50° N. About 100 species occur in Europe, mostly in the Mediterranean region but including 4 in Britain. Some 30 species are in central Asia, and 21 in southwestern North America. In the southern part of their range they are found at higher altitudes (up to 3000 m).

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