Synonym: Stylopida Common name: stylopoids

Males free living; mouthparts degenerate, antennae conspicuous and flabellate; fore wings reduced, metathorax and hind wings well developed, fore- and midlegs lacking a trochanter. Females larviform and viviparous, usually parasitoid and enclosed in puparium; with three to five secondarily segmental genital openings.

Larvae heteromorphic; pupae adecticous and exarate in males, suppressed in females except Mengenillidae.

The Strepsiptera are an order containing about 560 described species of most highly specialized insects, the males of which are free-living, the females usually parasitoid, and larvae always so in other insects. The order has been recorded from all of the major zoogeo-graphical areas and includes more than 100 species in North America, about 30 in Australia, and 15 in Britain.

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