The Remaining Endopterygote Orders

FIGURE 10.6. Proposed phylogeny of the Coleoptera. [After R. A. Crowson, 1981, The Biology of the Coleoptera. By permission of Academic Press, Inc., New York, and the author.]

Micromalthus debilis, which lives in rotting wood. It is native to North America but has been spread by commerce to South America, South Africa, Cuba, Hawaii, and Hong Kong.

Suborder Adephaga

The suborder Adephaga includes beetles with the following features: hind wings with an oblongum; notopleural sulcus on prothorax; hind coxae immovably attached to metaster-num; testes tubular and coiled; and ovarioles polytrophic. Larvae have five-segmented legs with one or two claws. Their mandibles lack a molar area. Segmented urogomphi are present in most species.

This undoubtedly monophyletic suborder includes a single superfamily Caraboidea, most of whose members are predaceous beetles, with only a few species secondarily

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