Are Supercompilation Programs Natural Controllers

In a super-compilation computer program, a metasystem transition relieves us from thinking of each single program as running alone, to considering each program to be now an input program into a larger metaprogram. The metaprogram now oversees a process that executes a sub-program. The subprogram treats the free variables of the input program and their interdependencies as subjects for its own analysis, while at the same time, optimizes the sequences of code in the input program.

To accomplish these feats, one part of the super-compilation program constructs a large algorithmic tree from the parts of the input program, while another part of the super-compilation program analyzes this tree, recognizes any recurring patterns, then prunes it to reduce the size of the algorithm making the whole program more efficient. The super-compilation program finally merges nodes together and deletes redundant sub-trees.

Would study of a bee's hemocoel facilitate locating analogous natural algorithms of control? If yes, might we then be able to dissect these 'natural hierarchies' or algorithms to reveal more of how biological control systems function? (Ref: Super-compilation).

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