Connectivity Maintained

To shrink a system and keep it working in its shrunken version requires that we maintain our system's connectivity as we shrink it. Ideally, we must follow what happens to the networks of communication within the system. For example, endocrine glands secrete hormones at one location, and these chemical messengers circulate to other parts of the system where they attach to receptors, eliciting effects at a distance from their sources. What happens moment-to-moment depends upon the rates of hormonal production and utilization as well as how well the circulation continues to maintain balance and distribution so that the shrinking system remains effective. Production of hormones might have to slow as shrinkage occurs, for example, to compensate for decreasing masses of controllers to remain in balance with their controlled tissues. Without having to understand the molecular details of any given network, we can grasp a network's common architecture or its scale-free topology.

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