Functions of the Volume of Hemolymph

Hemocoels remain the same size, but the volume of hemolymph, and hence the network graphs inside the hemocoels, grow and shrink. Hence, the degrees of the vertices cannot remain constant. At certain sub-maximal volumes of hemolymph, the vertices will have skewed the degrees of connectivity. As a consequence of these volume dependant changes and others over time, the connectivity of the graph of a hemocoel will vary from Moore type to some related modification of the random graph. If pk is the probability that a randomly chosen vertex has K neighbors, it turns out that pk has either a power law tail as a function of k, indicating that there is no characteristic scale for the degree or a power law tail truncated by an exponential cut off. Such distributions differ from the single scale Poisson distribution in traditional random graph models of networks (Ref: Graph Models of Networks).

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