Minimum Surfaces Imply Minimum Weight

Minimal surfaces within a hemocoel can minimize overall surface tension within the hemocoel. Having most surfaces minimal surfaces minimizes stress on the structures that support them. Energetically it is well that weight and thickness of the supports for the hemocoel be minimized. Insect exoskeletal supports are not heavy and bulky not only to conserve space. The energy to hold the hemocoel open needs be minimized as well. In dissecting fresh specimens of many insects, the walls and surfaces of their hemocoels appear to be subjected to very low wall tensions (personal observation). Low wall tensions tend not to implode the exoskeleton, thereby permitting exoskeketal buttressing and cuticles to be as thin as possible. Hence, theoretically at least, we may view the walls of hemocoels to resemble soap-films and the insect system to be minimized along these lines in many ways.

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