Hemolymph forms a reservoir for water and raw materials prior to molting. The volume of hemolymph is large in larvae and when a pupa emerges as an adult or before and during molting in insects that molt. In all insects, some digestion products from old cuticle enter solution to be recycled and reincorporated into the new cuticle. After new cuticle is laid down underneath the old one, epidermal cells and glands secrete a gel-like fluid into the space developing between the old and the new cuticles. When enzymat-ically activated, this gel digests the old cuticle, and the fluid and its digested products return to the hemocoel before the old cuticle sloughs. One bizarre use of hemolymph is for reflexive bleeding in the Ivory Coast cricket, Dictyophorus oberthur. When disturbed, perhaps to protect itself, this cricket covers itself with dense bubbles from the hemolymph.

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