Because this book concerns rapidly evolving disciplines, I restrict this list to a few survey books and papers. Many possible illustrations have been omitted to save money since many become almost immediately dated, while others are so basic as to be in many references. In a few instances I repeat references in more than one chapter for those who read only one chapter. Current definitions, specific models, equations and techniques are available in multiple formats online; coverage ranges from general to deep.

Readers unacquainted with a specific literature such as insect morphology, microfluidic devices, graph theory and quantum dots let's say, might first search the categories and terms online progressing deeper as needed.

For example, two excellent mathematical sites are mathworld and The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library toc.html For those having a geometrical bent, the Geometry Junkyard http://www.^eppstein/junkyard/all.html is a good starting place.

Equally general and deep websites exist for other subject areas.

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