Ref Fractal Difficulties

Meakin (1998) in our general list describes how complex, disorderly patterns develop under conditions far from equilibrium. He applies concepts of fractal geometry and scaling to the quantitative description and understanding of self-similar fractals, multi-fractals and examples that facilitate applications. Meakin emphasizes computer simulations and experimental studies and includes theoretical advances in diffusion-limited growth and the evolution of rough surfaces.

Colinet, P., J. C. Legros and M. G. Velarde (2005). Nonlinear Dynamics of Surface-Tension Driven Instabilities. Wiley Verlag, Berlin. (This book is an exhaustive monograph but a useful reference for experts describing thermal convections within fluid layers and the basics of instabilities driven by surface tension. The book emphasizes the generality of the mathematics and physics underlying results and methods and gives detailed derivations and analyses of nonlinear but non-dissipative structures having hydrodynamic instabilities in systems of interfaces. Definitely not a beginner's book but useful for modelers.)

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