Ref Lawry

Lawry, J. V. (1966). Burrow irrigation in the echiuroid worm, Urechis caupo. J. Exp. Biol. 145: 343-356.

Lawry, J. V. (1970). Mechanisms of locomotion in the polychaete Har-mothoe imbricata (L). Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 37: 167-180.

Lawry, J. V. (1971). The parapodial and segmental musculature of Har-mothoe imbricata. (L) J. Morph. 135: 259-272. (Soft-bodied worms and caterpillars contain fluid surrounded by walls of muscle and hold their shapes by contracting against the incompressible fluid. Changes in volume are regional; contractions in the tail end increase the volume in the relaxed head end. High pressures create circular profiles in cross-sections of these bodies. We may analogize these forms using systems of springs.)

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