Ref Localization Within Hemocoels

Kuhn, K. H., J. Uhlir and L. Grubhoffer (1996). Ultrastructural localization of a sialic acid-specific hemolymph lectin in the hemocytes and other tissues of the hard tick, Ixodes ricinus (Acari; Chelicerata) Parisi-tol. Res. 82: 215-221. (Lectins isolated from the hemolymph of most arthropods are molecules thought to function in invertebrate immunity. When labeled with antibodies for specific molecules, lectins injected into hemocoels revealed places in the hemocoel where the antibodies contacted receptors. In one case, a tick, the receptors were seen in granular hemocytes, immune cells of the hemolymph, as well as on the midgut and kidney.)

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