Ref Multiscale Modeling

Lagana, K., G. Dubini, F. Migliavacca, R. Pietrabissa, G. Pennati, A.Veneziani and A. Quarteroni (2002). Multiscale modelling as a tool to prescribe realistic boundary conditions for the study of surgical procedures. Biorheology 39(3-4): 359-364. (These authors analyzed anatomically complex 3D models of vascular areas by invoking realistic boundary conditions to study local and global dynamics. Their finite element method simultaneously solved Navier-Stokes equations for local information and a nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations for global information. They first applied a finite element method using a boundary condition set of ordinary differential equations on two controls: a 3D model of a straight tube in a simple hydraulic network and a 3D model of a straight coronary vessel in a lumped-parameter model of the larger system. The results are very close to solutions obtained for networks of pipes.)


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