The Value of Analogies

In conclusion let's talk briefly of the value of analogies. The fundamental ideas of the human spirit are vast collections of analogies that have helped make our thinking what it is. From Einstein's train all the way to Schrodinger's cat. The images inherent in these analogies include more than just figures of speech. Here we not only think these images but of the analogies of which our images are only parts. Analogies, most elusive, are always our larger subjects. These, our 'pictorializations,' are what stay in our heads to bias or spur how and what we think next. These images and the words that accompany them and the models resulting from them allow us to sometimes transcend our world while making our lives more interesting, exciting and livable. It is with this idea I close and hope it will supply some impetus and imaginative dynamism that should continue to constitute our science.

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