Alderflies and Dobsonflies

^ I IK ORDKR MKCATOPTFRA is relatively small. It is divided into 2 families and 300 species. They are the most primitive insects that develop by complete metamorphosis. There are two distinct families: the alderflies (Sialidae) and the dobsonflies (Corydalidae).

Both families have soft bodies and are drably colored with two pairs of large wings of almost equal size. When the wings are folded, they are held, rooflike, over the body. Weak fliers, species in this order never move far from water.

Adults may have large mandibles, but they do not feed. Their larvae, which are aquatic and have abdominal gills, arc predacious and eat anything they can kill. After up to 11 larval stages, pupation occurs inside a chamber made by the larva in sand, soil, or moss.

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veined wings



No. of species

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