And carpenter bees

( aickoo bees are often wasplike and are black and yellow or brown and white. They do not have a pollen-carrying region on their hindlegs. Digger bees are generally stout and hairy, while carpenter bees are either very large and black or bluish or small and dark blue-green. Most species are solitary.

• I JFK CYCLK Cuckoo bees parasitize the nests of soil-nesting bees. They lay their eggs in these nests, and the cuckoo bee larva then hatches out, kills the occupying egg or larva, and feeds on its provisions. I digger bees make their nests in ground burrows and supply the nests larval cells with pollen and honey. Carpenter bees dig tunnels in solid wood, in which they prepare brood cells. Each cell is supplied with a mass of sticky pollen, on which the female lays a single large egg before sealing the cell with chewed wood fibers.

• OCCl RRKNCK Worldwide. In a wide variety of flower-rich habitats.

Larvae are variable - either slender or stout and pale or yellow.

A AMHGIUA ACRAENSIS is common in sub-Saharan Africa. This fast-flying digger bee travels long distances in order to feed on high-quality nectar from long-tubed flowers.

cream hairs on thorax tibial spur long tongue densely hairy region of hind tibia for collecting and transporting pollen

<A\H:GIUA COMBER I is a very common, fast-flying Indian digger bee. A ground-nester, it has an extremely long tongue for feeding at long-tubed flowers.

large eyes dense ewe ring of orange hair smoky wings pale blue bands consist of dense, silvery blue hairs bee that breeds in the nests of bees that belong to the genus Anthophora. It is found in Europe and Asia.

► patches of white hairs on tibia of m iddle leg

* patches of white hairs at sides of abdomen

A meeecta el i ('tu os a is a cuckoo black and white hairs on hind tibia

patches of white hairs on tibia of hindleg

Length %_VA[n (0.3_3cm) Larval feedinS habits <S>

0rder hymknoptkra

Family AfMI)AE

No. of species j qqq stout thorax bright metallic-green head bright metallic blue coloration reddish sheen

expander/ hind tibiae

LARVAE arc pale and grublikc. Bumblebee larvae are fatter than honeybee larvae.

LARVAE arc pale and grublikc. Bumblebee larvae are fatter than honeybee larvae.

expander/ hind tibiae

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