Angel insects

1 hesc insects are pale and wingless, or darker and winged. The body has an oval abdomen, and the distinctly triangular head carries a pair of antennae with nine beadlike segments.

• life cycle Both nymphs and adults cat fungal threads and small arthropods, especially mites. There may be quite complex sexual behavior, and the males of some species give the females mating gifts in the form of secretions from glands in their heads. In other species, the males light for mates, kicking each other with hindlcgs. Success in mating seems to increase with age and not simply with size. Eggs arc laid where these insects live, in places such as rotting wood or leaf litter.

• Occurrence Worldwide in tropical and warm temperate regions, except Australia. In rotting wood, sawdust piles, and leaf litter, and under tree bark.

• Remark aii the known species arc contained in the single gen lis, Zorotypus.

ZOROTYrrs ill III! \RI)I is pale to dark brown in real life - this is a slide-mounted specimen that has been stained red. Native to eastern and southern I IS, this species is found in sawdust and rotting logs and under dead bark.
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