shiny, dark, or slightly metallic body spine on inside o f hind tibiae (and on middle legs)

black thorax yellow abdomen large (ji maris, a European sawfly, is one of about 200 species in its genus worldwide. Its larvae eat the leaves of meadowsweet plants.

larvae look very similar to caterpillars.

These stout sawflies (rose sawflies) arc typically black and red or yellow. Some have a metallic sheen. The last of the three antennal segments is long and in some males is V- or Y-shaped.

• like Cycle Kggs are laid in the tissue of trees and shrubs, and most larvae feed externally on the foliage. Pupation occurs in a silk cocoon.

• OCCl IKKKNCK Worldwide, especially in tropical and warm, temperate regions. Wherever suitable host plants and trees occur.

• RKMARKA few species are pests of roses and apple trees.

arge pagana is also known as the Rose Sawfly, as these plants are its favored hosts. It is common across Europe and Asia, as far as Japan.

Larval feeding habits

No. of species j threadlike antennae front of head shiny

narrow wings head as wide bands on as thorax abdomen

• laterally flattened orna trow abdomen

Hartigia linearis, like all members of its genus, bores into the stems of rose plants.

cephus SPECIES are slender and have long antennae with 16 to 30 segments. Larvae of all species burrow into grasses and can damage cereal crops.

black femur yellow tibiae



No. of species j

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