Bird liceww

These lice have oval abdomens and short, stout legs. The large, roughly triangular head lias biting mandibles.

• LIKE CYCLE Kggs are glued singly to feathers. The majority of species feed on feather fragments, but some also take blood and skin secretions.

• OCCl 1RRENCE Worldwide. On a v ariety of birds.

• REMARK Some species, such as Mettopon gallinae (the Shaft Louse), can be serious poultry pests.

Men ac.- i nth i 's s examine is, the Chicken Body Louse, is a widespread species. Infestation can lead to feather-loss and infection.

Length (l-6mm), most under M:in (4mm)

Feeding habits ^ ^



No. of species 2

narrow head strong, curved legs •

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