Also called bush-locusts, these insects may have camouflage coloring. Many species arc brightly colored and defend themselves by producing foamy, toxic substances. The body can be slender but is more often quite robust, with thoracic bumps and blunt projections. Adults of some species travel in small swarms.

• I Jl I CY( :i Ai Eggs are laid in or on soil, in rotting wood, or wedged into bark crevices. 'I'he nymphs of certain bush-hopper species arc gregarious and can migrate several miles.

• OCCl JRRENCE Tropical regions, mainly Africa and Southeast Asia. In a range of well-vegetated areas • REMARK Some species are crop pests.

strong hindlegs

<t) rgomorl'ha SPKCIKS are widespread in Africa, from the Sahara to the Transvaal. Some are serious pests of crops.



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