VI KMBKRS C'1C OI"dcr Trichoptera,

__containing 43 families and 8,000

species, are found almost anywhere there is freshwater. The slender, dull adults look very mothlike, hut unlike moths their body and wings are covered with hairs, not scales. The long, thin antennae are multisegmented, and the weakly developed mouthparts may be used to take liquid, although the adults of many species do not feed. Caddisflies have compound eyes, sometimes accompanied by ocelli. In flight, the hindwings and forewings are coupled by curved hairs.

Females typically lay masses or strings of jelly-encased eggs below the surface of water, attached to plants. Metamorphosis is complete. The aquatic larvae usually pupate inside cases that they make from materials such as sand grains and twigs.

0rder Trichoptera

Family j JydroPSYCIIIDAE

No. of species j qqq

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