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These species arc not very robust and can be quite slender. The sternal plate on the underside may be five-sided and wider than it is long or long and narrow. Coloration is pale to dark brown or slightly yellow. Chactids are not generally good at digging but some burrow underground to avoid summer heat and drought.

• LIFE GYCLF As in all scorpions, the female produces live young that emerge from her genital opening and climb onto her back. The first stage of development lasts from a couple of days to two weeks.

• OCCURRENCE North and South America, Europe, and North Africa. In habitats that arc neither too dry nor too wet. Among vegetation or under rocks, stones, and logs. Some species live in caves.

small tooth 7 "stinger"

slender pedipalp claws

0rder Scorpion ks

Family scorpion i dak

Family scorpion i dak


Many of these scorpions are stout and some can be quite large. The sternum on the underside of the cephalothorax is five-sided, and the legs have no tibial spurs. Coloration is pale to dark brown or black. Many species dig underground to locate prey.

• life Cycle Males may sting mates as part of the complex mating rituals. As in all scorpions, the female produces live young that emerge and climb onto her back

• Occurrence

Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. In cracks, under stones and logs, and in caves and tree holes.

Like all scorpions, they will sting only to subdue prey or to _ I'ANDINllS IMI'ERATOR is defend themselves. ^ ()nc ()f thc wnr,d.s ,arKest scorpions. Species in this genus are found from central Africa as far north as Yemen.

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