I hese pseudoscorpions have venom glands in both fingers of the pincers, and there arc no teeth on the inner surfaces. They usually have two eyes. Coloration varies from pale to dark brown and black, in some cases tinged with red or olive, and with dark markings.

• LlFK CYCLE Mating can be complex and may involve males and females dancing together, holding each others pedipalps. As in all species, eggs arc kept in a sac beneath the female and there are three nymphal stages. Some first-stage nymphs stay with the mother.

• OCCl 1RRKNCK Worldwide, especially in warmer regions. In leaf litter and on tree bark.

• REMARK The species Chelifercancroides is often found inside buildings.

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DACEYLOCHEIJFER SPKCIliS are found in parts of the Northern I lemisphere. Some species are confined to coastal habitats.

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