Common barklice

Most common barklice have dull brown, gray, or blackish coloration, and many species have pale markings. The wings arc hairless and may also be mottled with spots and irregular patches.

• LllE CYCLE The females lay their eggs singly or in groups, usually inside crevices in tree bark. The life cycle of a typical barklouse may take a little over two months; there are usually several generations in a year. Most species feed on fungi, pollen, algae, and lichen.

• Occurrence Worldwide. On the bark, branches, and twigs of a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Some of the most common species in this order belong to this family, and enormous populations can he found on certain trees.

swollen hind femora

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brown body wings held, rooflike, brown over body shiny, humped thorax

I'sococerastis (hbhosa is native to Europe and parts of Asia. It is found on a number of tree species and is the largest member of its genus in the British Isles.


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