Common scorpionflies

1 he wings of these scorpionflies usually have brown or black patterning. In females, the abdomen tapers to a point. In males, the genital apparatus at the end of the abdomen is swollen and upturned.

• life Cycle Some males steal prey from spiders' webs to feed the female during mating. Eggs are laid in soil or damp leaf litter, and the larvae resemble caterpillars. Pupation takes place inside a cell underground. Adults eat dead insects, nectar, and fruit.

• Occurrence Worldwide, but mostly in the Northern I lemisphere. Among vegetation in a variety of shady habitats.

slender antennae broad white bands on formings genitalia

Panorpa numaus is a large, distinctive North American species with striking white bands across both pairs of wings.

larvae have three pairs of thoracic legs and eight pairs of short, abdominal prolegs.

brown wings with white patches upturned, swollen genitals in male

< panorpa eugl br is is common in parts of North America. The males of this large species are bigger than the females.

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