Crab spiders

I hesc spiders are named after their scuttling, sideways movements and squat shape, although some arc elongate. The carapace is almost circular, and the short, often blunt-ended abdomen is frequently patterned. The first two pairs of legs, used to seize insect prey, are larger and spinier than the other two pairs. Many species are pink, yellow, or white to match the flowers on which they rest.

Females keep their eggs in a flat sac, attached to plants, which they guard.

• OCCl 1RRENCF Worldwide. Mainly in meadows and gardens, especially on flowers but also on plants and tree bark.

legs quite long abdomen broad at

legs quite long abdomen broad at

front two pairs of legs are the longest

A MlSI 'MENA VAT!A is common throughout Europe and North America. The females are often found sitting on white or yellow flowers and can change from one color to the other to blend in.

Tllill.l.l'S OBLONG!IS lies along grass blades with its head pointing downward and seizes passing insects. It is widespread in damp meadows throughout Europe.

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