Cylinder millipedes

As their common name implies, these millipedes have very rounded bodies.

They arc usually dull in color, although a few species may have either red or pale cream or brown spots. rouM,

• LlFF CYCLK Like all body sequent* millipedes, the females of this family typically lay their eggs in nests in soil. There arc usually seven nymphal stages.

• OCCl JKRFNCF Mainly in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Kuropc and Asia. In a variety of habitats, in soil and leaf litter and underneath stones and rotting wood. Some species may be found in caves and at high altitudes.

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Jl/UIS SPECIES are typical of millipedes in using their strong, stiff, body segments and many legs to push themselves through soil and leaf litter.

Order PolydksMIDA


No. of species ?00

white or yellow-orange margins to expansions in some speeies lateral expansions backward-pointing

brown coloration

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