Daddylonglegs spiders

The eyes of these spiders are arranged in two groups of three with another pair in between. Typically, the carapace is very round. The legs arc much longer than the body, giving a spindly appearance like that of harvest-men (sec p.221). Coloration is gray, green, or brown, with pale legs. The tarsi arc very long and flexible. These spiders make tangled, irregular webs and quickly wrap trapped prey in silk before biting it.

• I .IKK CYCKK Females produce about IS to 20 eggs, which they wrap in a silk bundle and carry in their mandibles until they hatch.

• OCCl JRRKNCK Worldwide. Many tropical species occur in caves or leaf litter. In temperate regions, many species live in the dark corners of buildings.

-• extremely long legs tibiae circular cephalothorax femora circular cephalothorax femora

palps (in male)
brown body

Phoecijs spe< :ies are common inhabitants ^ of caves and rock crevices, especially in warmer regions.

P ho ec is eh AI a n g/oi des is now very common in buildings all over the world, but does not like cold tern peratures.

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Family PjsaURIDAK

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