Esimte Resembling Spiders

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1,000 species of Solifugae form a separate order. Also called wind-scorpions, sun-spiders have a flexible abdomen that narrows where it joins the three-sectioned céphalothorax and a head that bears a pair of small eyes. All sun-spiders are predatory. They use huge, pincerlike cheliccrac to kill and macerate their prey.

The clawless, leglike pedipalps have suction pads that enable them to grasp small vertebrates and arthropods. Sun-spiders are equipped witli many sensitive body hairs and organs at the bases of the last pair of walking legs.

Most species are found in Southeast Asia, Africa, and North America. Males push sperm into the female's genital opening, and eggs are laid in a burrow.

rounded margin of head dark, shiny abdomen

hairy chelicerae thick pedipalps



No. of species 72

Feeding habits ^

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