Also called lightning bugs, fireflies are neither flies nor bugs but flat, elongate, or slightly oval beetles. Most are dull-colored but may have red or yellow markings. Males usually have fully developed wings, whereas females may be wingless. Some wingless females look like larvae. The common names derive from the fact that the adults of many species communicate with mates by using species-specific flashes of cold, green light. These are made by luminous organs on the underside of the abdomen.

• LIFE Cycle Eggs are laid on vegetation. The larvae, which are commonly known as glow worms, feed on invertebrates and snails.

• OCCURRENCE Worldwide. On vegetation in woodland and moist grassland.

• remark Females of some species imitate the flashing of closely related species, luring the males with their sexual signals and then eating them.

larvae are elongate and taper at both ends. The head is small and usually longer than its width.

iamprocrra s ei as has distinctive antennae and orange-red and black-brown coloration, which warns potential predators that this insect is distasteful.

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